Top 5 things to knur home as "FOR SALE BY OWNER"ow before listing yo

In today's world, I understand the need to save money and maximize profit when selling your home.  We are all looking to do it on our own with the resources available on the internet and through social media.  There are so many ways to connect to buyers and it can be overwhelming navigating through all the steps necessary to sell your home on your own.  Not only do you have to be able to disconnect from your home emotionally, but you have to be willing to sacrifice family time, work time, and personal time to dedicate it to the sale of your home.  Here are some essential things to know before you decide to take on the immense task managing probably one of your life's biggest financial transactions.

If these seem scary, then I've done my job.  This is not meant to tell you how "easy" it is.  If it was, everyone would do it and my job wouldn't be necessary.  At any time when reading through these tips you say to yourself, "I can't do that!" or "Well, I don't think that's necessary", then you are not ready to sell your home yourself.  These things are items that I myself, as a realtor, deal with on a daily basis for you when you list with me. I'm here to make sure your life remains as close to normal as possible while your home is being sold.

  1. Leave the emotion behind and put on your business hat

I know, you spent weeks picking those paint colors and nobody knows how many major life changing events began with your family on that big worn sofa in front of the fireplace.  Those are the things that you have to be willing to set aside for the bigger picture that you will paint when selling your home. There are some great resources out there for staging your home and making it appeal to the masses, but it's harder than it sounds.  What if, all of a sudden, you're faced with a buyer who says they want a discount because they will have to paint over your red accent wall in the kitchen? Are you ready to handle the emotion that comes along with someone not liking what you've done? Are you ready to negotiate items with which you have a personal connection?  

No?  Then let's chat.

  1.  Be Available

Do you have time to meet Susie Buyer at your home on her lunch break to take a tour?  Are you willing to miss the soccer game with the kids to let someone in your house? How  many more times do you think your boss will let you step outside to take the many calls, that is, if you are allowed to have your phone at work in the first place?  Isn't it great to come home from work and pour yourself a glass of wine, eat dinner with your family, and sit down for your favorite show? Not anymore! Your free time becomes filled with the many hours of devotion it takes to sell your home.  

Guess what?  It IS my job to be available.  Let's chat.

  1.  Educate yourself

Did you know the average real estate agent goes through weeks of training just to learn the bare minimum necessary to be able to understand this business?  And it doesn't stop there. There's continuing education, countless hours of on the job training, and long nights of researching the latest regulatory laws.  Are you willing to go back to "school"? Think you know what it takes to be able to navigate through the endless pages of closing documents?

No?  Then let's chat.

  1.  Marketing is more than a simple social media post

While there are some great consumer resources available to everyone on the internet, knowing when and exactly where to market is a task better left to the professionals.  In my first week alone, I learned about 11 tools Berkshire Hathaway has to help me better market and distribute information for my clients. And that was just the tip of the iceberg!  Knowing your market is not just about the ad you place on a "for sale" site, but also about the way it's written, and then being able to interpret what's gone wrong when you don't get the type of feedback you were expecting.  It's a constant job to not only advertise your property, but be able to judge when best to alter your plan and change course. Already busy with the first four items on this list? Have more time to devote to the 24/7 job as a marketing professional?  

No?  Then Let's chat.

  1. Closing the deal

Okay, so you were able to get through all of the above and managed to catch a 5 minute nap somewhere along the way.  What about near the end of the deal? Do you have a reputable closing attorney? Sure you can search the internet and research (more time away from your family) reading the endless reviews out there.  But what if you had someone you trusted with all your other transactions? What if you had a continuous business relationship with an attorney who works with you and your colleagues on a daily basis to navigate through the ever changing landscape that is real estate law?  Would you even know when something isn't right? This may be the first time you have ever dealt with such a large transaction of this nature. Guess what?

It's not my first time!  Let's chat.

Maybe you've already started this journey and you are overwhelmed, your house has been on the market now for quite some time, you're just tired.  Let me take on that burden for you. Allow me to show you how I can ease your mind and bring back some normalcy to your life while I handle the big things.  Let's chat.